The organisation behind the Apraemio project is a group of multiple companies across various industries, many of which work together.

Here is an overview of the companies behind Apraemio with a short description of their activity and role in the Apraemio ecosystem:

  1. Green Gold System Europe SARL was established in 2014 in Bamako, Mali. The company's main activities are mining exploration and exploitation and the export of gold and other precious metals. The company received -based on the Convention signed in 2015 with the Government of the Republic of Mali and renewed by the new Mining Code in 2020 a research (and potentially exploitation) permit for a 65 km2 perimeter in South Mali (Komassala).

  2. Arteus Capital Holding Zrt. was established in 2008 in Budapest, Hungary, to set up and manage companies.

  3. Arteus Capital GmbH was established in 2009 in Vienna, Austria. Its primary business activities are selling and distributing investment gold bars and coins. The company has over 7,000 clients in eight countries.

  4. Cartis Flottakezelo Kft. was established in 2015 in Budapest, Hungary. The company offers car fleet management services for small and mediumsized enterprises. It now has approximately 180 clients and manages a portfolio of two billion HUF, equivalent to approx. 5.5 million EUR.

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