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Overview of the KOMASSALA SUD Gold Mining Project

The KOMASSALA SUD gold exploration area, spanning 65 km², was assigned to GREEN GOLD SYSTEM EUROPE SARL by the Malian government in 2014. This permission lets the company search for gold and other valuable minerals in this specific region. The KOMASSALA SUD area is attractive for mining due to its rich geological features and previous success in finding minerals, suggesting a high possibility of discovering more.

This area is in a mineral-rich region, boosting the chances of finding gold and other minerals in profitable amounts. Its location near well-known gold mines like Kalana and Komana offers valuable knowledge and resources for mining operations. The KOMASSALA SUD area is also surrounded by other major mining projects, highlighting its potential for future mining activities.

Geology and Potential of KOMASSALA SUD

KOMASSALA SUD is located between the Sankarani and Banifing geological structures, making it a promising spot for finding minerals. The Sankarani area is already known for its mineral wealth. The presence of these two structures suggests a high chance of finding valuable minerals, especially gold, in KOMASSALA SUD. This makes it an important area for future mining and exploration.

Mining Techniques in KOMASSALA SUD

In KOMASSALA SUD, mining involves digging trenches to explore underground. Various tools like shovels, GPS, and software like AutoCAD help in this process. The trenches, up to 3 meters deep, are carefully placed and samples are collected and recorded precisely. The process includes both fieldwork and analysis in the office. The trenches are placed in a specific direction to intersect with the mineral veins in the area. The mining team works meticulously to ensure accurate results and follows strict guidelines.

Environmental and Social Aspects of Mining in Mali

Mining in Mali, particularly in the Birimian Greenstone Belts, plays a significant role in the country's economy. However, mining activities can harm the environment and affect local communities. Issues like deforestation, soil erosion, and water pollution are common. The use of dangerous chemicals in mining is a health risk. It's important to mine responsibly to protect the environment and the people. The greenstone belts are not only economically important but also offer insights into responsible mineral management.

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