Building on our profound technology and expert team, we are ready to take the next steps and start the gold mining activities.

Achievements (2014-2023)

  • Green Gold System Europe SARL was established in 2014 in Bamako, Mali. More than 6000 meters were drilled, and the samples were tested in an accredited laboratory.

  • In 2016 partnered up with a vertical multispectral forecast company (VMF) to apply their revolutionary technology on our territory.

  • In December 2021 we gathered our team of cryptocurrency experts to create our utility token $APRA.

  • We sold $500,000 worth of $APRA tokens in a month from November 2022 to December 2022.

  • Manual sample collections in Mali re-started with exceptionally high gold grade.

  • Successful renewal of exploration rights in Mali for the next period.

Growth Plans (2023-

  • In 2023 we continue the geological testing and drilling works.

  • Q2 2024, Listing of $$APRA on centralized exchanges, Launch of the Apraemio.

  • In 1,5 years we will prepare a JORC report (Australian mining report) that proves the gold reserve in our territory.

  • The proven reserve will establish a minimum price for the token. Depending on the amount of gold the token price should vary between 3-7 USD/ token.

  • 2025 First exchange round for $APRA token holders for gold.

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