How to store it?

The $APRA token can be stored in any crypto wallet which can hold tokens on the BNB Chain network. Currently, $APRA is NOT listed on any Centralised Exchanges (CEX), therefore users will have to utilise a Decentralised Wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet to hold their tokens. If users send their $APRA tokens to a Centralised Exchange wallet, they may lose their tokens, as these platforms do not currently hold $APRA.

There are a variety of Decentralised Wallets which can be downloaded either on your mobile device, or your computer, utilising the App Store or Web Stores.

To install MetaMask, please visit the page below

👉How do I install MetaMask, a MetaMask Extension user.

Once you have installed MetaMask, you will still need to add the $APRA token to your wallet as a ‘Custom Token’. You will need to input the $APRA smart contract address which is


Once you have added the $APRA custom token, you will see your tokens within your wallet, you will also see data such as how many tokens you own, and the current value of the tokens.

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