E-commerce Site for Gold Purchases with $APRA Tokens

One of the most significant features of the Apraemio platform is the dedicated e-commerce site for purchasing gold using $APRA tokens. $APRA tokens are the native cryptocurrency of the Apraemio ecosystem, and users can securely and conveniently use these tokens to buy physical gold. The platform’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various payment gateways ensure a hassle-free gold purchasing experience

Gold-backed Tokenization

To enhance liquidity and accessibility, Apraemio introduces gold-backed tokenisation. Physical gold assets are digitised and represented as tokens on the blockchain, each backed by an equivalent amount of physical gold securely stored in reputable vaults. These gold-backed tokens allow users to trade fractional ownership of gold, making it easier for investors of all sizes to participate in the gold market.

The Apraemio debit card

We will introduce a debit card to allow $APRA holders to pay directly for products and services at the point of interaction as the Apraemio ecosystem expands.

Community rewards

The Apraemio project will implement a comprehensive gamification system that will reward community members for contributing to the Apraemio ecosystem. Users will receive points for spending $APRA tokens or redeeming them for gold.

The gamification system will classify the users into a rank hierarchy which consists four personas: Supporter, Investor, PRO, VIP

Staking and Rewards

Initiation of additional exploration projects

We plan to reinvest the revenue generated through our first exploration project to acquire additional territories in Mali. We will initiate several geological surveys on several nearby regions we have already selected to determine those with the highest potential reserves.

Next to reinvesting the profit from our first project, we plan to fund further exploration, drilling and mining endeavors through the additional second sale of $APRA, for which we have dedicated 12% of the total supply.

All ongoing activities, such as The gold redemption programme and services acquired with the $APRA token, will continue to be offered and expand their scope following results of the additional exploration projects. The incentive programs for $APRA token holders will also add extra rewards for token holders.

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