Security Measures

In the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape, security remains a paramount concern for investors and stakeholders. Apraemio acknowledges this imperative and has instituted robust security protocols and measures to safeguard the assets and transactions within its ecosystem.

1. Self-Custody Solutions:

  • Empowering Users: Apraemio prioritizes user autonomy by advocating for self-custody solutions. This approach ensures that users retain control over their assets, minimizing reliance on third parties and reducing the associated risks.

2. Audited Smart Contracts:

  • Transparency and Reliability: The project's smart contracts are not only audited but also their source code is published on bscscan. This level of transparency and scrutiny ensures that the contracts are secure, reliable, and free from vulnerabilities, offering peace of mind to token holders and investors.

3. Transition to Multisig Wallets:

  • Enhanced Security Measures: Apraemio is transitioning all its wallets to multisig (multiple signature) implementations. This security measure requires multiple approvals for transaction execution, significantly reducing the risks associated with hacks or accidental asset loss.

4. Vested Seed Purchases:

  • Market Stability: The project employs a vesting mechanism for seed purchases, particularly during the ICO phase. This strategy mitigates undesirable market effects and ensures a more stable and sustainable token economy.

5. Rigorous IT Framework:

  • Robust Infrastructure: The IT systems of Apraemio are structured around a framework that undergoes regular audits, especially at leading telecommunication firms. This rigorous approach ensures that the infrastructure supporting the ecosystem meets the highest standards of security and resilience.

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