The gold exploration

At the core of the Apraemio ecosystem will be the gold exploration and redemption mechanisms that will support the token and provide investors with a high degree of security by tying every $APRA of the total supply to a percentage of the gold mined by the project. 50% of the proceedings collected via the crowdsale will be dedicated to funding the operational activities related to drilling and gold mining.

The company driving the Apraemio project, through its subsidiaries Green Gold System Europe SARL and Apesco Holdings Limited, has obtained an exploitation permit for a 65 km² area in South Mali (Komassala).

After conducting multiple geological surveys using advanced satellite imaging technology, we prepared a report on the possible outcome of the mining endeavors. It has been estimated that 100 to 500 tons of gold and precious metals are on the mine’s premises.

Here are some images with the results from the survey. The highlighted areas signify the concentration of gold, while the columns indicate the depth.

Satellite imaging technology has taken the multiple sectors that heavily rely on exploration by storm. These include petroleum exploration, miners and precious metals, archaeological investigations, groundwater exploration and other sectors.

Apraemio has conducted a survey in conjunction with VMF Exploration Technology and Special Scientific Mathematical Algorithms. The companies perform advanced geological surveys using the latest 3D imaging technology and are among the leaders in this sector. The methodology focuses on detecting specific properties of chemical elements up to 8 kilometres in depth in the ground and sorting the results using unique algorithms tested and optimised through numerous tests.

  • The technology can analyse virtually any area regardless of size and location

  • The analysis is possible up to 8 kilometres in depth

  • The estimation of reserves offers 98% accuracy 30 Apraemio Whitepaper

  • The technology can analyse up to 100 square kilometres in just two months

  • The results are reported via an interactive 3D model

  • The process is environmentally friendly

The technology uses advanced mathematical analysis based on equations for vector potentials and analytical and statistical analysis. It detects electromagnetic radiation of different elements in the ground with its unique amplitude and frequency and uses mathematical algorithms to distinguish between their nature. The electromagnetic radiation can be captured above the surface and is analysed to filter out the electromagnetic field generated by the substance of interest.

The illustration below depicts the two main phases of gaining precious metals through mining endeavours - Exploration (first phase) and Mine Development (Second Phase).

Apraemio is committed to transparent reporting of the total amount of gold mined and publicly disclosing each phase's results on the website. An additional audit by an independent third party will also be requested to decentralise the reporting process essentially. Live cameras will be installed on the site, and the operations will be streamed 24/7, allowing every investor to track our progress and be assured that we are continuously working on conducting the operational activities.

Last but not least, we have been present in Mali, where the exploration project is situated, for over eight years now and have established good relationships with local businesses and the population in the area. This will ensure that we are less likely to encounter regulatory or other issues that can sometimes impair mining operations.

It would further allow us to expand our exploration, drilling and mining endeavors and acquire additional territories in the vicinity. We have already selected a nearby site as a potential expansion territory. The funding required to initiate the exploration project will be secured through the revenue generated from the first project, as well as from the Apraemio ecosystem and the $APRA token.

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