The $APRA token is underpinned by a unique economic model where each token is tied to the value of gold mined by the project. The initial token distribution is structured around a crowdsale, with 50% of the proceeds allocated to cover operational costs of mining. The operational costs for subsequent phases are covered by revenues from the previous phase, ensuring a self-sustaining model. The gold redemption program allocates 50% of the gold mined to $APRA token holders, allowing them to redeem tokens for physical gold. The token's supply and value are intrinsically linked to the actual gold mined, providing a tangible asset backing.

Gold-Backed Value Determination

The value of each $APRA token is directly linked to a specific quantity of gold, providing a clear and tangible asset backing. Here's the basic formula for determining the amount of gold every investor is entitled to, denoted by 'X':

X=(StakeinAPRAinX=(Stake in APRA in %×Total gold to be distributed)/Stake in APRA in tokensX=(Stake in APRA in %×Total gold to be distributed)/Stake in APRA in tokens)

To illustrate this with a practical example, let's consider a scenario:

  • Assumptions: Imagine a scenario where 200 tons of gold are mined after all three phases, and 50% (100 tons) of this is allocated for $APRA investors. To facilitate calculations, these 100 tons are converted into grams, resulting in 100,000,000 grams of gold.

  • Investor's Share Calculation:

    • Investor's Stake: Suppose Investor John holds 1% of the total supply of $APRA in circulation, equating to 10,000,000 $APRA tokens.

    • Gold per Token Calculation: Using the formula, John's share of gold would be calculated as: X=(1X=(1%×100,000,000)/10,000,000=0.1gX=(1%×100,000,000)/10,000,000=0.1g

    • Value Representation: This means that each $APRA token represents 0.1g of gold. With the current market price of gold at approximately 60 USD per gram, 1 $APRA token would entitle the holder to gold valued at about 6 USD.

Dynamic Value Adjustment and Distribution Mechanism

The $APRA token's value is recalibrated based on the actual gold reserves and the token holder's stake in the total supply. This process is transparent and systematic:

  1. Monthly Reserve Reporting: At the end of each month, after reserve reporting is published, the stake of every holder in the total supply of $APRA is calculated.

  2. Snapshot for Current Stake: A snapshot of every wallet is taken at a predefined date to determine the current stake of every investor in the total supply of $APRA.

  3. Gold Mined Calculation: The amount of gold mined during that period is calculated, disclosed publicly, and 50% is dedicated to the gold redemption program.

  4. Token for Gold Exchange: The stake each investor is eligible to redeem their tokens for gold is calculated, and the gold is distributed to all holders who wish to do so.

  5. Continuous Reserve Growth: The reserves increase continuously as new gold enters the reserve, potentially enhancing the value tied to each $APRA token.

This structured and transparent approach to tokenomics not only ensures that the value of the $APRA token is firmly rooted in tangible assets but also provides a clear and fair mechanism for token holders to understand and realize the value of their investments.

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