Token Funds and Distribution

A meticulously planned distribution of the total issuance of 1,000,000,000 $APRA tokens ensures a balanced, transparent, and strategic deployment of tokens within the Apraemio ecosystem. The allocation is designed to support the ecosystem's growth, reward community engagement, and ensure operational fluidity. Here is the detailed breakdown of the token distribution:

1. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) - 10%:

  • Purpose: Launch the $APRA token into the market.

  • Details: The initial ICO phase aims to distribute 10% of $APRA tokens, adhering to stringent transparency standards. The release of tokens is contingent on predefined conditions, ensuring a controlled and deliberate entry into the market.

2. Second Sale - Up to 12%:

  • Purpose: Support future project expansions.

  • Details: Tokens in this category are held in custody and are earmarked for release only upon the acquisition of additional exploration projects. Funds from these sales are reinvested into operational expenses and ecosystem development, reinforcing the project's infrastructure and future capabilities.

3. Community Reward Pool - 4%:

  • Purpose: Incentivize and reward the $APRA token community.

  • Details: This pool is dedicated to rewarding token holders, with a portion of transaction fees contributing to this fund. Rewards are distributed based on rank within the community, fostering engagement and offering tangible benefits to active participants.

4. Liquidity Provision - 4%:

  • Purpose: Ensure market liquidity for $APRA tokens.

  • Details: A liquidity pool is established to facilitate market operations, particularly for CEX listings. This reserve ensures the availability of $APRA tokens for trading and maintains market fluidity.

5. Team & Advisory Board Allocation - 4%:

  • Purpose: Compensate and incentivize the project's team and advisors.

  • Details: Reserved for the Apraemio management, partners, and advisors, with a 12-month vesting period for 3% of the allocation, ensuring alignment with the project's long-term success.

6. Charity Initiatives - 5%:

  • Purpose: Contribute to social and environmental causes.

  • Details: Allocated to support charitable efforts, particularly focused on improving the conditions in Mali, West Africa, and beyond, reflecting the project's commitment to corporate social responsibility.

7. Marketing Activities - 4%:

  • Purpose: Fuel the project's promotional efforts.

  • Details: Utilized for a broad range of marketing initiatives, from social media campaigns to influencer partnerships and promotional events, driving visibility and engagement for the $APRA token.

8. Reserve Fund - 42%:

  • Purpose: Stabilize and secure the token's future.

  • Details: These tokens are locked post-CEX listing for six months, with a periodic review every six months to assess the necessity of releasing new tokens. The reserve's management is marked by transparency, community involvement, regular reporting, and third-party oversight. This approach ensures the reserve's strategic use aligns with community interests and the project's long-term stability.

The distribution strategy for the $APRA token is crafted to balance immediate operational needs with long-term project sustainability, community reward and engagement, and strategic reserve management. Each allocation is thoughtfully designed to align with Apraemio's overarching goals of growth, transparency, and community-driven development.

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