Use Cases

The main use case for the $APRA token is our gold-redemption system. Each token will be backed by 50% of the gold that we acquire from our gold mine in South Mali. It has been estimated that in total there will be between 100 to 500 tonnes of gold within the mine. If we were to mine 100 tonnes, each token would be backed by 0.05g of gold, which has a current value of around $3. As users continue to hold the token, and our gold store increases, the gold value for each token will also increase.

If the user would like to trade in their tokens for gold, they will have the ability to, utilise our gold-redemption platform. The user will trade in their $APRA tokens, and be sent the industry-standard gold to their home. The tokens will then be burnt, giving the $APRA token a deflationary element too.

In addition to our gold-redemption utility, which is the main long-term utility for Apraemio, there will be several short to medium-term utilities for the token too, such as a staking protocol, the ability to utilise the token to purchase goods and services, as well as an $APRA debit card.

We also plan to work with a diverse partner base, which can lead to the $APRA token having utility in industries such as NFTs, Metaverse, Play-To-Earn and more.

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