What's the point of Apraemio?

Easy, Reliable, Eternal - Everything in Gold

A new era of investment where the security of gold meets the dynamic essence of the digital age.


Gold has historically been a stable and valuable asset. By tying a cryptocurrency to gold, it provides a level of security and stability that can be lacking in purely digital currencies. This can appeal to investors seeking a reliable store of value.

Global Recognition

Gold has universal recognition and acceptance as a valuable commodity. A cryptocurrency backed by gold may, therefore, be more readily accepted globally, potentially facilitating international trade and financial transactions.

Hedging against Volatility

Cryptocurrencies are known for their price volatility. Having a cryptocurrency backed by a tangible asset like gold can act as a hedge against this volatility. The value of gold often moves independently of traditional currencies and can provide a more stable foundation.

Intrinsic Value

Unlike many cryptocurrencies, which derive value from market demand and speculative trading, a gold-backed cryptocurrency has intrinsic value because it represents ownership of a real-world asset – gold. This can provide investors with a tangible and easily understandable value proposition.

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