Problems it aims to solve


Gold investing, albeit historically profitable and considered one of the best inflation hedges, is still complex for the inexperienced investors. Furthermore, multiple cryptocurrencies based around gold turned out not to be sustainable.


The company behind the Apraemio project has already conducted a geological survey with high-tech satellite imaging technology that creates a 3D ground map. Large reserves of gold, lithium and other precious metals were suggested to be on the site where the company currently operates in a report that has been constructed in compliance with the JORC Code (a professional code of practice that sets minimum standards for Public Reporting of minerals Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves).

This could significantly reduce the risk for $APRA investors by removing the insecurity of the exploration phase. $APRA token holders can exchange their tokens for 50% of the total amount of gold that has been mined, regardless of the current market price of $APRA.

This means that investors are immune to gold price fluctuations and will eventually be eligible to redeem their tokens for physical gold with a much higher value than the initial launch price of $APRA. The growing reserve basket of precious metals will be proven and publicly disclosed, ensuring complete transparency for investors.


High competition on the financial and cryptocurrency markets that require a considerable degree of experience and knowledge from the investors. Furthermore, many cryptocurrencies on the market are lacking a sustainable mechanism to support their price. Even stablecoins, especially algorithmic stablecoins, are known to sometimes lose their peg. This could undermine the whole cryptocurrency market, as most transactions are done precisely in stablecoins, and result in catastrophic losses for many who are relying on storing their crypto wealth in an allegedly stable assets.


APRA tokens are the perfect solution for both experienced and inexperienced investors who are looking for a well-balanced reliable investment. By essentially backing the token with the precious metals, we are ensuring a solid price floor for the token, allowing a higher degree of security and lower chance of high volatility through price fluctuations. Our Gold redemption programme will offer investors a secure and reliable way of hedging against inflation and the potential to gain an outstanding ROI on their APRA tokens.


Many projects with utility tokens are focused on one or few token use cases. This makes them limited to a great extent.


The APRA token will offer access to multiple services from various industries. What is more, in the Apraemio ecosystem development, we will introduce the blockchain platform which will allow us to continuously expand the use cases of the token and include more services and products that can be conveniently connected to crypto payments as the ecosystem develops.


Only a few projects on the cryptocurrency market are currently offering sustainable incentive mechanisms to reward a continuously flourishing token economy through increased spending motivation.


We will implement a gamification program that will not only reward users with increasing discount rates on all services and products on the platform, but also with a higher fee cashback and token rewards from the specifically dedicated community pool. These tokens can also be redeemed for gold, as the total supply of APRA is tied to 50% of the value of gold mined by the project.

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