Apraemio is a project which has been built upon the foundations of nearly fifteen years of work in the gold industry. The founders of Apraemio first started working in the gold industry in 2008 when Arteus Captial was founded in Vienna, Austria. Arteus Capital is a company which sells and distributes gold bars and coins with over 7000 clients in eight different countries.

Another partner company was formed in 2014, named Green Gold System, and this company was established in Bamako, Mali. The company's main activities are mining exploration and exploitation and the export of gold and other precious metals. The company received -based on the Convention signed in 2015 with the Government of the Republic of Mali and renewed by the new Mining Code in 2020 a research (and potentially exploitation) permit for a 65 km2 perimeter in South Mali (Komassala).

With a strong background in the gold industry with Arteus Capital, and the ability to explore and exploit a gold mine in South Mali, the idea was formed to create a cryptocurrency which would be backed by the gold which would be acquired in South Mali. A token which would have a fractional reserve of gold as its backing, providing security and long-term stability for investors.

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