Community Involvement

The Apraemio team encourages all forms of involvement from our community, and there are several opportunities for individuals to have a role in our journey of growth within Web3.

Firstly, if any community members have any questions/enquiries our team will always be available to talk via our social media channels and our community channels.

In our community channels, we offer a wide range of rewards and gamified opportunities for users who wish to engage. These rewards include giveaways, competitions and airdrops. We have already rewarded some passionate Apraemio community members with rewards such as $APRA tokens and moderation roles within the community.

Furthermore, we are happy to hear any suggestions, concerns or advice regarding our project, we truly value the opinions and desires of our community. We strongly believe that if we combine the knowledge/experience of our team members with the knowledge/experience of our amazing community, we will have a winning formula!

Finally, if any of our community members have experience or desire to help with our project, feel free to contact our team, we are happy to hear your proposals.

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