The Apraemio project aims to roll out in two major versions to provide a solution to all of the challenges mentioned earlier. In Version 1, the $APRA token will offer much more than the gold redemption mechanism, designed to secure a solid price floor for the token and support the facilitation of our cryptocurrency ecosystem. Thanks to our expertise in multiple markets, established connections, and the many companies behind the Apraemio project, we can offer various services to token holders. Some of these services are, but not limited to:

  • Purchasing physical gold

  • Apraemio debit card

  • Car purchasing

  • Purchases of real estate assets

  • Beauty services

  • Various other services and products

In Version 2, we plan on introducing a blockchain-based web platform where users can access these products and services at discounted prices. The $APRA token will further offer various incentive mechanisms the gamification program enables. Token holders will 23 Apraemio Whitepaper access free cashback from the specifically dedicated community pool of $APRA and other rewards, such as additional discounts on services and products. Spending $APRA tokens or exchanging them for gold will yield points to community members and allow them to advance in the ranks within the Apraemio ecosystem.

Lastly, we plan to dedicate a percentage of the revenue generated within the Apraemio ecosystem to charity initiatives. Initially focused on the region where our exploration project is situated, we plan to expand our campaigns' scope beyond the local area and throughout Africa.

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