Community Engagement

The Apraemio team values the engagement, support and opinions of the community, and we are willing to support the community in several ways. Currently, we offer a referral system to every community member, this system allows for every community member to generate their referral code, and if they can refer individuals to purchase the $APRA pre-sale, they will receive a financial reward.

We also pay close attention to engagement, mainly in our Telegram group through the use of analytics, and we plan to reward our most engaged members which rewards, such as Airdrops, roles within the team such as the ability to be a moderator, and we also run several competitions, giveaways and challenges which gives community members the ability to earn tokens and more.

We also want our community to have a voice in the direction of the project, and we will be available 24/7 for all community members to give their ideas and suggestions to our team across all of our social media platforms.

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